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Our Services

We specialize in first and third party account receivables management and call center management. We offer next generation solutions in order to support our clients and their customers. Our attention to the needs of our clients is what makes us unique. Our focus is on our process, with standard operating procedures in place as well as the ability to offer creative solutions to our clients. Our scope of work is on managing accounts and smoothly transitioning them from red to black. We are dedicated to providing a service that is both a positive experience and realistic in terms of what works for you and/or your business while maintaining compliance of state and federal laws and regulations. At NEXGEN SERVICES, Inc. we take pride in our organization providing our clients a professional experience by ensuring training of all our employees by qualified trainers, educating them on the best practices, standard operating procedures and the various options for finding the right solution for the next generation.

Please contact us at WWW.NEXGENSVCS.com or 1-866-684-7869 for service information.

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